IN 900 and IN 830 - The flexible induction cooking ranges

The latest technology is used on the IN 900 and IN 830. IN 900 enabling the cooking range to be supplied with round or full area induction zones, while IN 830 only is supplied with round zones. 


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Inducs - small powerful induction appliances

The Inducs-series opens complete new possibilities in food processing. The small induction appliances make it possible to cook food close to the customer. The rapid warm-up, the small heat loss and the design that makes the appliance easy to clean, makes this product especially suited for free-flow installations and frontline cooking. The appliances naturally are also applicable in traditional kitchens, where the advantages implement faster cooking, lower energy consumption and a better working environment.


As for all induction appliances, over 90% of the consumed energy will go directly to the contents of the pan, which ensures very rapid warm-up without any waste of energy to the surroundings. The integrated pot/pan sensor ensures that the energy supply is cut off, when the pot/pan is removed.

All models have a stainless steel compartment with a smooth surface, which eases and saves time whilst cleaning. Thus with these small appliances, meals of high quality can be cooked in far shorter time than with traditional cooking appliances.


All of the induction appliances are equipped with elements designed for intense use in professional kitchens. Apart from that the electronics are equipped with built-in sensors protecting against overheating of both the induction unit and the pot/pan.


Inducs appliances are divided into four series, each delivered in several different models.


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Base-Line is the more traditional table- induction appliance. With this appliance easy operation, effective cooking performance and high mobility are combined.


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Install-Line are prefabricated induction-modules ready for mounting in a table surface. They come with one or two traditional cooking zones or with a ceran glass ceramic wok bowl.


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Wok-Line opens possibilities to in an elegant and efficient way to use a wok in the professional kitchen.


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Multi-Line covers the most flexible and advanced induction-appliance on the market.



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The module based Hold-Line makes with warmkeeping at a constant temperatur possible with induction. It has a very small heat radiation and by this a small energy loss.